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I'm having a really annoying bug (at least I hope it's a bug!) I returned to the Hall of Heroes while the shelter plane was under attack and found that fireballs had incinerated the companions that had been there, including the one I'd just dismissed! I'm unable to target their little ash piles with a resurrect scroll. It simply continues to say "select target" in the little tooltip box but they don't highlight or select when I click on them.

None of them were in my party at the time but I hope that doesn't keep me from resurrecting them! They're all dead!

The devs said somewhere else, that your party members are normal NPC (like townpeople) when they are not in your party. The spell works only on chars in your party and you cannot hire dead people. Sorry, but your char is gone forever. In the original game (not EE) I did this area as last part of this map and I did not enter my stronghold until the attack was over.

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