I've noticed a few minor issues, all in *controller mode*

The Battering Ram skill will often show 'Target is blocked' when I highlight an enemy. The skill will still execute fine.

After I do something like the Battering Ram, the AP required to hit the opponent doesn't update. It's still showing the high value as if I was still at a large distance to the opponent.

The white circle showing a skill's maximum radius doesn't appear instantly, I need to move the cursor back and forth a bit for it to appear.

When looking at a particular page in my inventory, when I switch characters I'm always reset back to the first inventory page. This doesn't happen in mouse mode.

When I kill an enemy, the cursor remains targeting the dead body. This is visually quite confusing.

When you put some sort of cloud in front of SparkMaster 5000, blocking his visibility, he tries to fire his electric blast repeatedly with a looping sound clip E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E and eventually fails and gives up. I think the same bug applies to Evelyn. She tries to summon various monsters but the cloud blocking her visibility causes it to fail repeatedly and the sound clip loops.

A fire puddle on the ground does not cause a poison cloud above it to explode. If I walk into the cloud, I'm set burning from the fire puddle and *then* the cloud explodes. Not sure if this would be considered a big but it seems quite illogical!

Thanks for the great game.