PC version bugs/issues so far :

  • - corrupt save file in Silverglen after rescuing Alfie which renders the game unplayable (crashes to desktop at loading) -> REALLY THIS IS STILL IN? Sorry, Larian, but that's not acceptable, after all these months since the original release!
  • - multiple AI freezes (enemies just don't act at all until their timer runs out, e.g. frost wolves in Hibernheim)
  • - "Blind" effect doesn't work at all (enemies and own chars can still target everyone as they like)
  • - key for lever in Hibernheim dungeon doesn't work to unlock the lever
  • - teleporter pyramids quests stay ative in journal and shows no progress after the initial entry even if you found the second one and picked it up
  • - Sam's collar stay in inventory although the quest is finished and Sam visually wears the collar himself
  • - quest items for finished quests stays generally in the inventory, can't be dropped and litter up the inventory over time (e.g. bloody dagger, smelly boots, etc)
  • - Steam cloud saves take extremely long to upload, prevents game from being restartedagain shortly after closing it (>30 seconds)
  • - some containers still suggest that you haven't looted them yet by not turning the indicator to grey even if they are empty

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