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Changed Talents
o Back-Stabber no longer has a requirement (was Scoundrel 1)
o Comeback Kid now incompatible with Leech
o Demon now requires Pyrokinetic 4 (was 5) and is incompatible with Ice King
o Escapist no longer incompatible with Courageous
o Glass Cannon now incompatible with Lone Wolf
o Ice King now requires Hydrosophist 4 (was 5) and is incompatible with Demon
o Leech now incompatible with Comeback Kid
o Lone Wolf now incompatible with Glass Cannon
o Weather the Storm renamed to Iron Hide
o Sidestep no longer has a requirement (was: Expert Marksman 2)

Is 'Bully' talent changed in EE?
New description says that it's applicable to knocked down enemies, but old one - 'slowed, crippled or knocked down':
New: '"Bully" Boosts non-magical attacks against opponents that are knocked down by 50%.'
Old: '"Bully" Gives you 50% extra damage against opponents that are slowed, crippled or knocked down. Only works with melee or ranged weapons; not with spells.'