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One thing I recall being weird and different compared to the beta version of the non-enhanced version is that very early in the game I (my main character and companion; my friend and his companion did not teleport along) was teleported to the Hall of Darkness where I could talk to Moloch. This was before we even set foot inside the Homestead for the first time (or so I recall). I returned back to where I was and it never happened again.

That's definitely a bug and probably caused all your issues later on as well. In which specific situation were you teleported to the Hall of Darkness in the first place?

Have the void demons already attacked your Homestead? If not, try to go to the northern part of Luculla Forest with the big lava spots and stuff. Zixzax should appear there to inform you about the event. I can't think of any other work-around, sorry.

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