- In single player (I never played multiplayer), when you select another char, the camera stays where it is and you have to keep the left mouse clicked or press pos1 to make the camera follow the selected char. I wish the camera would always follow the selected char unless you use the camera manually. I wish you could move the camera further away. Often I have to move the camera with the arrows in combat to attack a distant enemy. Its hard to keep an overview over the entiry ballefield (or see distant enemies before combat starts).

- When I use the pickaxe to get silver ore, I do not get a message that I get silver ore (I do get it for iron). When I got all ore, I get a message that there is no more ore. I mean the floating text over the ore vain. I play in german.

[Linked Image]
I was fighting the imaculates in the cave under the house of the white witch. It is Scarlets turn, but the display at the top of the screen says its the turn of my summoned skelleton. When my next char had his turn, the skelleton was still shown as the one who acts now. In fact, the upper display was wrong the entire fight. One enemy did not act at all until all other enemies were dead and I came close to him. He was not CC, he just did not do anything. The battle itself was fine. I could use all abilities and combat ended when all enemies were dead.
EDIT: I look at the image again and now I see that both (Scarlet and the skelleton) are highlighted, but the skelletons picture is bigger and has his name shown. But it is Scarlets turn. So now I am even more confused.

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