1. If you end up in a situation where your enemies can oneshot your whole group you decided to face a challenge which is not meant for your current power. There are many areas in the game. Try to do some questing, craft better gear and search other areas. There are a handful of special occasions which can kill your party instantly if you didn't prepare for them though. Like exploding barrels. You need to notice such things and many of the characters ingame will tell you about such traps. This game is for real gamers who actually know how to use their brains, not wannabees who wouldn't even reach gold rank playing starcraft II.
2. By your definition "real gamers" are gamers who are bad at playing games and using advanced tactics in battles. (you can combo so many things and almost every fight has some special things you can do to prepare for it, for example putting a barrel in between you and your enemy rangers to make them hit the barrel instead of you, etc.) Those console wannabee gamers are not "real gamers". If you were a real gamer you wouldn't be bad enough to have your whole party die in one hit. wink You would need to go for a REALLY squishy party for that to happen. Or run into traps which you would know about if you payed attention.

Not every console gamer is a bad player. But console games are generally not much about thinking, tactics and strategy. All major strategy games are PC only and so are most more complex RPGs like this one. -> Many console players think something like Call of Duty would require strategy while they never played any strategy game in their whole life. Hence many console gamers are neither "real gamers" nor "good players". wink

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