- There was no ambush when I opened the gate to the icy part of Hilberheim. When I come to the crossroads near the closed gate, one of my chars said that there may be enemies nearby. I went to the closed gate. I opened the barrel and a chest. I threw the chest up the hill. On my way up, I blow up the barrels that block the path with a fireball, because there are traps. I threw the chest on the switch on top of the hill. Now the gate stayed open. I went to the snow area to meet with Arhu, but there was no combat on my way. In the original game I was ambushed by mechanical rats.

- [Linked Image]
After fighting some mechanical rats at the entrance of Hilberheim, Scarlets health bar remained colored although she does not suffer under a negative status effect. She was covered with oil during the rat fight. Saving and loading the game solved the problem.

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