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Sure it was a dagger and not a knife you used crafting the spear? I crafted a spear with a dagger twice and had no problems. A knife and branch gives arrow shafts.

The gold dagger and gold butter/table knife have the same icon and can easily be mistaken for each other.

I'm sure it was a dagger, because I just made it into a dagger from a paper knife.
One thing I never liked about the spear crafting is that you still have the dagger after crafting the spear. I would actually like to see it so that you lose the dagger when you make the spear, because you are basically mounting the dagger on the end of a pole/stick. And to take that a little further.. If you use a dagger with water damage and the ability to chill the enemy, then the spear you craft from that would have the same properties, but that would require CL 5.

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