Good news! You can remove the incompatability yourself. Download Norbyte's unpacker (, third post down), unpack Game.pak in your game folder, go to the Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data folder and open the "requirements.txt" with Notepad++ (or anything that makes it readable) and delete "!TALENT_LoneWolf" from the "Raistlin" talent (what Glass Cannon is known as in the code, a funny reference). Also delete the Raistlin incompatability from Lone Wolf. Then put this text file in the same folder structure (Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data, with those exact names) into your game directory, and it should work.

Or you could wait for my mod (might post it tonight), which will also make a number of other changes to stats, making various buffs and nerfs to abilities and some lower talent requirements (GC and LW incompatability removed, for one)