Well they still get +1ap per level which is 2ap at the beginning, then 3 then 4. Essentially you can raise your skill schools quicker than one character meaning you get to wield more skills sooner than one standard character.
The bonus HP enables you to take a beating, too.

Now since you'll have to put those points in Body Building and Willpower ASAP especially in Tactician, because ( in the scenario of 2 lone wolves ) you can't afford to have your guys on the ground, one could argue that having more Ability points per level is a meh advantage. Let's say you're investing for the future. In the meantime though, your offensive abilities aren't growing... Making for a really hard early game.
aaah Trade-offs and decisions !

BUT, as soon as you reach level ... 4 ( I think? ), when you start getting 3 ability points per level, your LW character is starting to loose some ground compared to 2 classic chars who will gain +2 each, +4 total. Around level 10, your LW character will start lagging behind with +4ap/level vs +6.

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