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Same problem here. My main Knight character is hostile with some NPCs he has never met or done anything to. I believe it all started after I killed the undead merchant on the beach before the orc graveyard. My Knight initiated that fight.

Can't remember the names but, the NPCs that have been hostile so far are: the body guard of the merchant on the second floor of the Cyseal Inn, headless Nick(just his body), the three sailors that were sent to fight the robot in the cave, the female prostitute(?) in Silverglenn, the people in the church in Silverglenn(too many to figure out who exactly), the pig in the cave under the white witches house, and the girl at the end of the cave that's near death.

There could've been more, but that's all I remember and that's as far as I've gotten.

Edit: Playing PC Version

So, I've played a little more and found out that the white witch and the henchman recruiter are also hostile towards my Knight. I can't go to the End of Time without starting a fight with everyone.

Still not game breaking yet, but it's really annoying having to sneak or leave the character behind in order to talk to the hostile npcs. With that said, I have decided to stop playing until this issue is fixed.