The "useful Osiris systems" document describes the registering stuff.

The point of the code was simply to test Register and Unregister functionality, not for the time difference, with the status applications just to indicate various pieces of the code had fired correctly. Your snippet is probably better if I really wanted someone to be burned and petrified.

Anyway, meanwhile I resolved my original problem, thanks.
EDIT: Actually no I didn't.
If I use my original code, with RegisterForPlayers in the Init, then the petrification and burning effects fire every time the character enters the trigger.
Unless I misunderstand something, after it has been unregistered once, that character's entering the trigger should cause no event to fire whatsoever, so that the character should get put on fire and petrified exactly once, upon entering the trigger.

When testing, did you use an EventTrigger or a BoxTrigger?

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