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Hello! Okay- I'm going to start working on updating this to work with the EE version of the game. Also, I'm Mike. Anywho- I haven't touched C++ in a long long time, so no promises. But I've been waiting for someone to update Dairy's program since EE came out, and have finally realized that it prolly won't happen. So- here I am. Hello again. Hopefully I don't lose track of this thread so I can release it here. I'll be posting it on my GitHub when it's completed. Add me on Skype to keep up with the progress.
Skype: Michael.Baldwin9
Also- Stressing that I haven't used C++ in a long long time. Actually, I haven't used an OOP language in general in a long long time. So no promises, but I'll dedicate my Christmas to getting this up for you all. Happy Christmas, sorry for the bumb if this is an old post. Didn't look at dates. Hello again, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you all.

Hello, Mike, and welcome to the forum. Ten cheers for taking a crack at the moose. laugh