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Wasn't quite sure where else to ask this.
Combining a branch + bowstring does not create a bow for me (Enhanced Edition, PC).
It creates nothing.
In fact, I can't seem to find any way to craft (or even blacksmith) a bow at all.
Have both crafting and blacksmithing at level 5.

Would anyone know how to craft a bow, or had success in doing it recently?

Thanks in advance.

Since I'm fiddling with the files and happen to have the ItemComboPrevies.lsx and ItemCombos.txt up, I went ahead and checked for you.

With a Crafting of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (for some awful reason, there doesn't seem to be entries higher, even though most skills go up to a much higher theoretical maximum; at least 7 would be reasonable, you'd think) you should always get a Crafted Bow (WPN_CraftedBow_01, WPN_CraftedBow_02, WPN_CraftedBow_03, WPN_CraftedBow_04, or WPN_CraftedBow_05) when combining a Branch (WPN_Branch_A) with a Bowstring (LOOT_String_Bow_A).