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Does anybody have additional advice on getting this working?

I unpacked main.pak (the folders listed did not exist in game.pak) and edited the requirements text. I've tried placing the folder all over the place with no luck. And I was unable to get the unpacker to do any repacking...


Just happened upon the thread, so I haven't read it all, but skimming it, I think someone forgot to tell you that you need to remove (or just rename) the main.pak from the /data/ directory, too.

Otherwise, D:OS:EE does not read your edited files, but instead simply reads the main.pak-file from your /data/ directory. By removing it/renaming it (after unpacking it, editing it, and so on, of course) , you force the game to read it from the folders instead.

At least that's how editing textures/textures.pak works.

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