Updating you all- So, it seems that I've screwed up a bit. I'm not very good with guesswork I suppose. Every time I edit the lsv files (ex. AutoSave_0.lsv) it ends in a corruption of the data. I'm going to push this project aside for a second and try something else. Sorry for the long wait and the letdown, friends. I'm still learning though, so hopefully I'll get some sort of product out to you guys.

-Also, I should let you all know. I took the New Years weekend off from this because I had a surprise visit from some family (family comes first, hope you all agree :P) and I left my laptop on which had the Qt project open. The pc powered down and it seems I lost some progress also. Anyone know about Qt crash recovery? Or if it exists? For some reason I haven't been able to open the project since then in Qt. I tried to delete the QtCreator files for the project and create a VS project importing the code structure (I'm much more familiar with VS and thought I may be able to fix the problem that way. Two birds with one stone). The problem I have now is that I can't open it in either. Does anyone have experience with swapping IDEs mid-project? While I wait for a reply here, I'll start on the new program :P