@Raze if this violates your TOS (i assumed it doesn't considering how you allow a save game editor thread), my sincere apologies. Please feel free to delete my post.

I never found a need to use Moose's save editor in the vanilla game, so i am unaware of what it offered. But barring an actual update on this (hope dies last, lol), i thought maybe someone could use this in its stead:


This allows you to modify pretty much any of your character's values, without however offering any item editing. That you will not find available smile
This is NOT a trainer. No unlimited health and all that. To use it, you need first install Cheat Engine, found here:


I will vouch for two things alone:
1) It is safe to install it, IF, major IF, you take care NOT to allow the extra 'offers' (they are actually trojans..fucking kids these days) to be installed as well. Just untick them. Alternatively (this is how i go about it), merely disconnect from the web before running the installer. Nothing 'extra' will be "offered" to you that way.
2) The above works. If it doesn't, read spoiler below.

- install CE (remember my warnings) from the second link
- go to the forum page linked above, you will see the download link up top. Do not click it, instead /r click and select 'save as..'. When your explorer window opens up, delete the .xml extension and instead type .ct
- once downloaded, do nothing
- run D:OS EE, load save of your choice, once ingame, alt tab to windows. Yes, i know, just force it to
- now double click your newly downloaded script table (that's your .ct file)
- new UI popped up. Click up and to the left, new process. Scroll down, select EoCApp.exe (that's the DOS EE) and press open. You will be asked if you wish to keep the current table, select 'yes'. Do nothing more here
- pop back to the game, don't do anything more, and then re-force an alt tabbing. This is necessary for the CE to read the game's values
- no back to the CE's UI, look at the section below scripts, highlight the single entry there, and press enter. In the new pop up, simply select 'OK'
- pop back to the game (i know, but this is the way), open your inventory page, do nothing else, force alt-tabbing for one last time
- back to the CE, left click once said highlighted script entry you used before. You should now see a tree structure similar to that your explorer uses. Left click once to select player, again to select a subcategory of your choice
- any entry you wish to edit, all you have to do is press enter while it is highlighted. NOT /double clicking, enter. You will see its value field becoming editable
- when done, don't close anything. Pop back in game. You will see no visible changes despite the above. That's ok; Once you exit and reload, the game's engine will correctly read your 'new' values. So for now just save your session. (this is important, skipping a save means nothing's changed). Exit D:OS entirely
- Now close the CE, you're done. If you also wish to uninstall it, you can. Assuming you saved your game as stated above

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