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Actually, no.
That just allows for all the crap i'm (personally) entirely against of, such as unlimited health, unlimited mana, no cooldowns, etc. Which is precisely why it was not linked here.

And for the record, what you link is neither an upgrade nor a continuation of the table i listed, i'm against "trainers"

I take it you glanced at the list in the .CT file without looking at the Hero Pointers. I edited my initial post for clarity, as you did make a good point in that it needed some explanation. The reason for my post was that the Hero editors in the one which you posted have been cleaned up and clarified in the one which I posted, which you would have noticed if you had bothered to check it instead of firing off a knee-jerk response. So, for the record, yeah it actually is an upgrade. Furthermore, it's easy enough to delete any unwanted entries; there's a button for that. I used that button myself.

Also, Anything which allows you to edit your character into a demi-god is essentially a trainer. This idea you have that it's only true when "unlimited" type options are available seems to me to be rather shortsighted.

You can be personally against whatever you want. What's not okay is attempting to force your views on everyone else or censoring information just because you don't agree with it.

The Devs, on the other hand, can do whatever they want because it's their game. If a dev or mod states that anything in my post is a violation, then I am perfectly happy to modify it, and/or the file, such that it becomes acceptable.

For the record, I went searching for this after arriving at
King Boreas' treasure room.
I looked around at all the gold, but there was no option to take any, which didn't make much sense to me, so I added a bunch of gold to my inventory with the "last item moved" pointer. I didn't particularly need it, you understand, but it made for a more realistic role-play, as my characters would totally fill their bags with everything they could carry. Maybe the next time I play a new game they'll be more heroic.