Again tying the DM mode to the editor, the essential stuff needs to be really simple to use; enabling a DM mode for a human DM to 'fill in the gaps' to make it useful with absolute minimal skill would be great. Perhaps having the editor have a DM mode and a full mode would help encourage people to develop the skills necessary to become competent in full use mode ... at which point they could have friends play test a mod with the mod developer only rarely intervening to remove final bugs as opposed to being a 'true' DM where they're constantly 'intervening'. I suggest focussing on the DM 'minimal functional editor' and making it 'perfect' for early release. The 'true' full editor will probably 'always be in beta', but a highly stable DM mode with additional options that can be added/activated would make it customisable to everyone's skill level.

As with learning any skill, people need to feel they're making progress and can do something useful with it asap. Get them on a positive learning cycle and they'll continue to develop their skill. Get enough people developing full mods that can be sold through Larian (who get a fair cut of the profits), and you'll have yourself a source of golden eggs ... and the game's community as a whole will eventually have more new content than could be played in one lifetime smile