Looking forward to the EE save editor. Many thanks to everyone who works on it.

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What is it with people today and this internet trend of never admitting your error? Or merely letting it go at that..?..
Fun fact: That's actually a human trend derived from social and cultural conditioning; the rise of the internet and mass communication merely makes it more notable to less attentive types.

Right and wrong, correct and incorrect, knowledge and ignorance. Accusation, recrimination, and responsibility. All very interesting concepts. Equally interesting is how much each person understands and addresses them.

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Dude my issue with scripts such as the one you link is that they can break someone's game, a fact you failed to mention. It is honestly as simple as that. You didn't warn anyone, i did. You didn't explain, i did (trainers can break games, your fault for perceiving that as a 'personal' preference).
Looking at the rest of the posts thus far, seems like other folks have addressed your arguments.

Ooh! Also: 'fault' and denial of identity! Defining oneself by what one is not; fun times.

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If my way of expressing myself annoys you, next time link scripts (of all things) in a more responsible manner. Simple. All things in life are simple. We tend to overcomplicate (long posts?) for lack of qualities we have only ourselves to blame.
Hit a nerve, did I? Have fun with projecting motivations and emotions onto other people and assuming that people who disagree with you or simply have a different point of view are wrong, stubborn and/or lacking in intellectual capacity.