Hi guys, great game!

I'm on the PS4 version.

Just have a couple bugs:

1. The Twin Dungeons podium is bugged for me too. Amulets won't go on pillars, and even throwing them on does not activate them.

2. Permanent Status Effect: This is the biggie. One of my characters is permanently wet. I thought this was great, because she was resistant to fire and I can crack endless off-color jokes, but once I got to the ice kingdom it really painful. She can't walk two steps without freezing. (I've removed all equips and the status still says permanent).

It's gonna be tough but until another patch comes out I'm going to have to either role out the firefly carpet or Aspect of Ice every three seconds and hope I don't freeze before I can refresh it.

3. Keeper of Secrets sells no books at all, but I'm not sure if she's meant to or not now? I understand she was supposed to sell attribute and skill books?

PS: Sent Larian a tweet saying thanks for making a great game, but the controller support on this is wonderful. Honestly so good. Puts wasteland 2 to shame that's for sure, and warms this former pc gamer's heart that this feels robust enough that the PS4 version could qualify as a definitive experience for me. Kudos again.