Hi ,

can t seem to launch the game . Crashes and tell me to check the requirements. I took the Game Analysis Tool and it told me odd things .
Detects a i7 Core , 2.4 GHz (8 cores) => Failed because I need 2.4 GHz (2 cores) ....

Windows 7 is SP1.
My GPU supports Directx 11 and it's installed on my computer . But DDI version in Dxdiag says "10.1" instead of "11" and the game (that check this false DDI version information) won't launch while it could ...
Do you plan to fix / patch any of these problems ? :)
Bothers me not to play the version of the game I bought while I met the requirements specified ! :(

And to finish helping me with all this the analysis tool crashes while generating the report file ...
I sent the screenshot of the report to supportdos@larian.com , with the Object saying "Jujucutter analysis report - Issue launching DOS EE" and the date .

Thanks for your work and your answers .

Best Regards.