I've recently begun my very first run through Divinity OS EE on the PC via the Steam platform.

I started cold turkey and while I was kickstarter backer and received a boxed copy of the game and a manual, I didn't read it... I just wanted to start the game cold and don't mind if I have to restart.

So far I'm doing well. I've made it to Silverglen. The little bit I've looked online has revealed that I've basically created a gimped party... allocating points into things deemed worthless and relying on skills that are 'wrong.' Still, I'm having fun with my gimpy party and I'll keep going for as long as I can.

I just have two questions at the moment. When I first installed the game and launched it for the first time, I created a player profile and I called it, 'Party 1'

First, what is the profile for? I'm assuming that a collection of savegames falls under each separate profile? Is this correct?

Next, and perhaps more worrisome, is that on the main menu screen, just above the 'Continue' button, I see my profile (Party 1)... but when I click on the Profiles Button, there is nothing in the window that lists profile except the words, 'Please Create A Profile To Continue.'

Ever since I noticed this, I've been manually copying my savegames to a backup location on my computer 'just in case' something weird happens. Am I at risk of anything weird happening to my savegames? If I re-create the profile 'party 1' will I mess things up further?

Thanks for any help.

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