1. Say you are populating a patch of forest with trees, you then plop in 10 x tree A, 8 X tree B and 6 x tree C. The problem is that they're all set at the exact same angle so in order for your forest to look natural you'll have to manually turn each on of them.
So i propose an option you can turn on and off, where each time you put in a tree (or any item actually) its angle will be randomized any where from 0 to 360* where 0 and 360 is due north and 180 is due south.
Does everyone understand my proposal here?

---------------------SPOILER ALERT----------------------------

Divinity: Original Sin QUEST SPOILER AHEAD.

2. It would be cool to be able to have quests with random endings! It can be really simply or real complex. Let me elaborate. I remember playing Fallout 2 many years ago, and one of the early quest you got in the Den was one where you were supposed to find a book someone had misplaced, it was actually rather simple to find, it could be at 1 out of 3 places, the thing was that each time you started a new game it might appear at another place than in your previous game. Such kind of a feature shouldn't be hard to implement, right?

Now imagine this feature taken to the next level, so when each time you start a new game in D:OS Jake's murderer and source user would be a random one, out of say, Esmeralda, Evelyn, Robert the mortician plus some more that way you would actually have to do some investigation each game run.

PS. When do the editor "closes" for new features? There is a sum up of what people suggested, in the first post but it doesn't seem to have been updated in many months, do the devs. still look at this page??

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