I still don't get it.

Is there NO WAY to upgrade your (leather) boots in this game?!

I'm going crazy searching for it.

One would logically *think* that, since metal armor can be upgraded by metal scraps, leather boots would also be upgradable by leather scraps. I mean, that would make sense, no?

I've tried everything. Not even essence nor a ruby makes a difference. Metal, clothing, leather, gems, hammers, tormented souls, ruby, pearl, essences, elemental stuff, nothing...nothing works! NOTHING!! It just doesn't budge one iota! Nothing changes in any of the things the boots have or can do. I've must of dragged it over more than 100+ other items and ingredients... IT. JUST. DOESN'T. GIVE. ANYTHING.

I'm going nuts with this crafting/smithing system.