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You can put nails on the soles to make them non-slip, but other than that and recolouring them, I think that's all. Other than that, it's just down to making a new pair of boots using better crafting skills I think.

Yes, found that out a while ago. And, while useful - certainly in cold, icy places - it doesn't augment your stats on your boots.

So... there really ain't a way to upgrade, thus? It's weird. With all this over-elaborate crafting system where the weirdest stuff gets made or upgraded, simply upgrading your boots, like you do with other parts of your armor, is omitted?

Seems like the priorities are a bit off. ;-)

Thanks for the info, in any case. Would you happen to know if it's the same for bracers too (aka, no upgrades)?

I know one can make/create stuff that is sometimes better then stuff one found, but sometimes, there is also pretty good items to be found (way better than what one can make at that level), so I thought upgrading them like I did with other pieces of armor would be the best way to go.

Anyway, I've said that before: while the concept of having multiple objects that can be used in different ways to make or upgrade different other things is nice, the implementation of it in this game is convoluted and illogical. They really should try to streamline and make it more logical and intuitive for the next game.

For the rest I have little complaints, it's a fairly good game, in its genre (old school type of RPG).

Thought I did mess up the 'proper' way of doing things (like visiting areas), I guess, since I had a lot of trouble fighting spiders of lvl14 while I was lvl 7, while now I discovered some area's where the enemies are lvl6-7, while I'm lvl 14. Going from super-hard, to all-too-easy. But that's my own fault, I guess; I hardly follow the usual paths and am more inclined to free roaming. ,-) Which also explains why the story was progressing in an erratic way, I guess. I had already killed some people who were later referred to (by Evelyn, for instance), and I had already discovered the white witch before they asked me to search for her, etc. That also explains, probably, why I can't seem to finish the quest with the staff for the mayor; I've got it, but he just doesn't seem to care anymore (aka, no talk-options about it to end that quest).

But, well, can't hold that against the game, I just took the difficult road, there. ;-)

My only major complaint is the crafting system. There is so little consistency in it...

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