Hi everyone, I recently ended both original and enhanced edition and I noticed a big quest bug, which could be game breaking, which I suppose has already been submitted. It actually happened to me in the Enhanced Edition, it starts with a bug in Frederick Blood Stone quest and ends with potentially not know at all how to close the Rift. This actually happened to me twice, in my Classic run and in my EE run, and I had to use a walkthrough to get it right.

In Frederick's Blood Stone quest, when you first encounter Frederick in the canyon near the goblin village, you can give him a Blood Stone to cure him, that is already in your inventory, so you don't have to look for Maradino's. This situation actually is very likely because your level at this point supposes you've recently ended Loic's questline and picked up 2 blood stones in the immaculate chapel basement. This could lead to 3 problems:

1) When you give one of your own blood stones, Frederick thanks you, attacks you and, of course, dies. But then when you enter Maradino's lair to find Frederick's minion, the dialogue options you have with him do not take in consideration the fact that you've just killed Frederick. Basically you can ask the minion to go face Frederick or stay hidden, without any option suggesting him his master's already dead.

2) That being said, this bug can be avoided by not entering at all Maradino's lair. But then the real problem starts. I had to figure it out using a walkthrough. As you've already given the blood stone to Frederick, you don't need anymore to find Maradino's lair (I know it looks stupid but one might not want to look for the hidden lair if the side quest is already done, kinda looks like an "extra reward"). But : you don't find Maradino's lair -> you don't find the scroll to open the Troll King's lair -> you don't pick up the tenebrium in the Troll King's lair -> you don't give anything to Brandon -> you don't complete Brandon's side quest -> you don't complete Nadia's sidequest -> eventually you don't get the tenebrium ability -> you can't break the stone that threatens your lair -> possibly game broken and hell of a lot experience points wasted without knowing!

3) Eventually, there is a risk that while you're looking for tenebrium weapons to destroy the red stone, you never get them: it looks like the ironsmith selling tenebrium weapons in the Classic edition now doesn't sell tenebrium weapons anymore, the only place I could find them is in a shop in the End of Time... that you can't unlock if the "Close Rift" quest has been activated.

To sum it up, all this begun for me with a bad understanding of Frederick and Maradino's sidequests, which I believe could get a rewriting to be more explicit. The fact that a lot of quests are tied together and all start from this cryptic and buggy basis was a bit disappointing, especially meeting them again in EE. Thanks anyway wink

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