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PLEASE look at NWO Foundry editor (AND Dialog Editor!) for a "goal" of easy User Experience.

Adventure/Story creators are VASTLY different than "modders."
As long as you leave hooks and accessibility "modders" are incredibly resourceful.
Adventure/Story creators NEED ease of use.

Thanks, and I really, REALLY hope D:OS2 succeeds here -- we could really use a good UGC edtior for RPG.

Exactly what Eldarth says, You stuck longer with SCL then I did. I did play it yesterday though, just to pass the time. Playing a game just to pass the time, should be a tell that something is off. Make D:OS 2 in such a way that we want to play and have more and more adventures after the main campaign and make it possible to create those adventures in a user friendly way.

I'm all for writing addons to help people in this, but not like last time, none of the file types where described and they had to be deciphered by someone else. Then I had to write libraries to read and write those file types , before I actually was able to start on a plugin.

Also when can I come over for a visit I only live like 80km away smile