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D:OS1 appears to have a quite powerful but very user-hostile editor, and a horrid scripting "language" in Osiris. D:OS1 seems to be a Swiss Army knife with 4,397 functions. I have scoured the internet searching as best I could for basic adventure "mods" for D:OS1 and think I found 2. TWO. TOTAL. Fail. Waaaay too complex for non-developers (and I've been a software developer for 40+ years).

So, here are some suggestions and things I (hope & pray) D:OS2 Editor improves.

[*] Simplify UGC "Adventure" module creation. Non "modders" need simplified terrain layout, 3-d object placement, and very simple trigger/event handling. They should be able to create a shareable adventure without once having to see/touch Osiris scripting.
[*] Don't cripple "modders" at the expense of "module creators."

I agree a lot of this stuff would be nice, and the distinction between modders and module creators is important.

But I think a lot of the criticisms of the D:OS 1 editor can be boiled down to people blaming the editor for not doing something it never attempted. Nor claimed to for that matter.

D:OS 2 absolutely should be more friendly in this regard due to the GM mode.