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Some more editor suggestions...
* Map Duplication: Make a map, duplicate that map, and change it from there. Why is this useful? Say you have a city. The players leave this city. Later they come back to the city. It has been attacked by raiders. You want to be able to take what you had and make a destroyed version. Doing this from scratch can be problematic, especially if your memory sucks.

+1 on this one.

If I may add a relevant suggestion.

You've made a town that has a day-time version and night-time version, so all the terrain and the structures placed are the same. But the NPCs diverts, at night the cheese vendor who stand on the market in daytime is at home in his bed dreaming of cheeses and the night watch have left its barrack and are now patrolling the streets looking for trouble makers. You as the PC have rented a room at the inn, here the bed serve as gateway between the night-time and day-time versions of the town.

But there is a catch that needs a solution.
Lets say you decided to burglarise a merchants shop, you break in at night while he sleeps in his bed upstairs and steals a golden ornate dagger from a display. So the problem here is that if you return to his shop next day with the dagger in your inventory there will still be a dagger in the display, because there is a "day-time version" and a "night-time version" of the dagger.

So my solution here is that there needs to be some sort of "quantum entanglement" mechanism between items or NPCs on 2 different levels, so interacting with one will effect the other.

Another example, you have become very annoyed at the cheese vendor, so you break into his house at night and while he sleeps in his bed you smother him with "a wheel of the good stuff", then you dump his body in the river and watch it float away. So the next day you don't want him standing at market again soliciting his germ infested milk products.

Again here you kill a NPC on one level and he should be connected to the "same" NPC one the other level, that will therefor disappear.

I hope my suggestion has been made clear. grin