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At contrary, modders don't mind the complexity of C, C++ etc ...

As a node.js programmer, I would like to promote Javascript as the best choice as a language for modders. This has increasingly become a popular language in modern game engines for a good reason. It's used in Unity, RPG Maker, etc.

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Another example, you have become very annoyed at the cheese vendor, so you break into his house at night and while he sleeps in his bed you smother him with "a wheel of the good stuff", then you dump his body in the river and watch it float away. So the next day you don't want him standing at market again soliciting his germ infested milk products.

This can mostly be resolved just with triggers. That is, you trigger both versions of the cheese vendor as, eg "cheeseVendor.onDeath = function() { cheeseVendorDeath = true;}" and you can test against this to remove him from other parts of the game. It should ideally be very simple programming.

Either that or Larian will already have a more elaborate solution. After all, there are going to be plenty of killable characters in their campaign that will be mobile enough to move between maps.

That being said, I think it *would* be good to be able to specifically say that there is only one cheeseVendor and that it is the same cheeseVendor that appears on both maps so that there is less abstraction.

The tricky part about your suggestion for me is -- what if the player *moves* something. He picks up a barrel and moves it a couple of meters. You could abstract that using triggers as well, but it would not be as easy, and there are plenty of problems with this. For example, imagine the shop owner is only in the shop during the day. In the night version of the map, you pick up a barrel and drop it where he usually stands. When you return during the day time, where is he? Inside the barrel?