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The tricky part about your suggestion for me is -- what if the player *moves* something. He picks up a barrel and moves it a couple of meters. You could abstract that using triggers as well, but it would not be as easy, and there are plenty of problems with this. For example, imagine the shop owner is only in the shop during the day. In the night version of the map, you pick up a barrel and drop it where he usually stands. When you return during the day time, where is he? Inside the barrel?

Okay, then maybe make it impossible to drop items on places where NPCs, on a duplicate map, will stand or have a route on. You could also make a rule that forbids dropping some items, such barrels in houses or just have them disappear on the duplicate map. Wouldn't it be weird if you drop an oil barrel, which in the game is basically a bomb, on the floor of a merchants house and the next morning the shop keeper is just standing there. Wouldn't he just get rid of it or store it somewhere safe if he was kinda sentient?
But then again all these rules and mechanism will probably have some unintended spillover effects, so maybe the whole idea should probably just be discarded or implemented in another way.

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