I don't know if the following are bugs so I'll explain as best I can. In my very first play through of this game I was a Ranger and Scarlet was a Water/Air Mage. It was set for Classic and the 2 NPCs I chose were Madora and Bardotyr (sp?). It went very well and so I decided to play through again only this time playing as a Fighter (Knight)/Geomancer with concentration in One-handed + Shield and Scarlett as a Fire/Witchcraft spell caster. We picked up Jahan and Bardotyr for the ranged need. This too was set on the Classic setting.

I have noticed that in this second go around that I am getting a ton of standard items and very few magical armors, weapons, belts, rings, etc. I am NOT looking for a monty haul but the difference in loot between this game and the previous one is extremely noticeable. I lost count of the fights where I get little piles of gold of small amounts, again standard items, a whole lot of crafting items (why? I have no idea), but so little in the way of the +1 or +2 items.

Also: 1) The only thing that is consistent by way of magic items are arrows. I am finding arrows of every kind everywhere. When I played a Ranger the first time I never came across arrows so freely. It's like the game is rewarding my Ranger well above the rest of my team. In this game one-handed weapons for melee characters are very uncommon and I have yet to come across a magical one and I have entered Silverglen. The first time I played it Madora was 2-Handed but the party still came across a ton of one-handed weapons. 2) I have had at least three fights where though the game goes through the character turns in combat the Pictures at the top don't rotate. They get stuck.