I started playing this game and I'm loving it a lot!

I found a bug:

There is a quest called "The Teleporter Pyramids", I used the pyramid that I have in my inventory and then
I was teleported to the other pyramid (there is a woman in a bath), after finishing arguing with her, I
didn't pick up the blue pyramid (because I didn't know how to do it).
After playing some more hours I decided to comeback and pick up the blue pyramid; the quest log
didn't change and my quest can't be completed.
I have tried droping and picking up the blue pyramid many times and the quest can't get completed,
I spoke with Arhu and Zixzax but nothing happens.

Please can somebody tell me how to fix this issue? I know that it is not very important but it
would be very nice to me having that quest as completed in my quest log.

Thanks in advance!!