WARNING SPOILER. (idk if needed but anyways)

I don't know if this is already reported but sometimes (happened to me) the boreas treasure room force field will not disable no matter what, I had the talisman from boreas trusted guy (or something like that, the one you use to get the winter ring) and the scroll to disable the portal that drops from boreas itself.

Fortunately (or not) there's another bug that I used to solve this one.

I researched and discovered that if I stand VERY CLOSE to the portal I can throw the pyramid across the portal, it's quite easy to reproduce.
Other things that I noticed but I'm not sure if they are bugs (but they sure are annoying)... When you kill a NPC you are supposed to get the quest stuck forever or should the quest vanish? Because my first playthrough I killed a lot of important rude people and this made my quest log a mess (although didn't halt progression on main story)

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