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I've read your last 2 posts, and I really agree with every single word. Top posts, by the way !
It seems to me you fired the NWN editor recently, yes ? hehe
I seem to see some NWN related things ...

As for programming languages, which also was my job long ago, I think it is totally true adventure creators need ease of use, without requiring high language skills, or photoshop skills. So that means a language with triggers, if-then-else, and other basic stuff.

At contrary, modders don't mind the complexity of C, C++ etc ...

Both population are different in essence, and should be addressed accordingly.

Not a single 'true adventure creator' needs more 'ease of use' than already exists. The existing script languages in the game are simple as hell and pretty easy to learn, much easier than any better known programming languages.

The only problem, there is hardly any documentation at all for the API, and this makes scripting look 'complex'.
Using the existing languages is easy, understanding what all of the pre-defined API calls/queries/'events' do is hard as hell without documentation. (Because there are so many hidden details, that cannot be guessed by the API's names.)
No matter what new language they introduced, without API documentation, the situation would not improve at all, only syntax would change.
So I'd be totally against introducing any kind of new language since it would not get easier.

Instead I'd be all for releasing at least some documentation and on top of that more 'official presence' in the modding forum to answer questions, because it is in reality impossible to document every possible case in a released documentation.

The engine allows for great flexibility and with that flexibility comes a great lot of API calls (a lot more are even still missing), so the 'api documentation problem' needs to be solved, there is no 'language problem'.

Currently, modders have to do the trial-and-error method to find out how everything works for themselves, and if they happen to forget to share newfound insights in the forum, everybody has to do that again and again.

The tutorial videos Larian made when DOS first came out can serve as a very basic start, but they are far from sufficient.

Learning how to programm C (or C++) does not mean that you can program write programs for Windows without any further introduction (to concepts like messaging and a lot more) and documentation of the Windows API itself. (So basically, you need to get more information than what 'Kernighan & Ritchie' teaches you.)