Most of the things I would like for the mod tools have been suggested, but I wanted to post this anyway, so it's visible that here is another user who is interested in these features. smile

The most important for me now that there is a dedicated team for the tools: better documentation, especially about the scripting part (which functiones exist, what does a function, what is returned from the function etc.).

What I would love to have from the mod tools is the power to make total conversions like Enderal [0] for Skyrim, Nehirim for Oblivion etc. (if the team is motivated enough, and the total conversions don't have to be this huge).

But my idea is smaller: I want to create Mafia (the party game) [1] with a few changes and twists with D:OS2. laugh

This includes the official ability to import new static meshes, as well as new animated meshes like players, monsters etc. without relying on other players to create tools like these (if this is not possible due to licensing issues please communicate this in the forums when the game is released).

But also the ability to compose new music and sound effects and import them, as well as the ability to create new spelleffects (maybe with a particle editor inside the editor) and to import them.

This way we could for example make a sci-fi total conversion that has turn based battles like D:OS2, with unique spells/abilities, space stations instead of cities, but also uses the cool interactivity between characters from D:OS2 etc.

What I would also like is the ability for mods to use more players, and the gui (btw: I love your guis!) to support this when the game is started and the player has to create more than 2 chars.