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Not sure if this was mentioned before, and not sure if its the right place to ask/suggest this, but...

Morph Targets...

Does the Divinity Engine 3 supports it? Because one of the things I enjoy the most when I mod, is to tie/link the game progression to a visual/graphic component, like you had on Fable games (have done mods like that for Skyrim and XCOM 2).

For example, what I had in mind would be something like, the more you invest in stats such as strength/constitution/bodybuilding, the bigger/bulkier/muscular the character would become. Also... changing materials to properly update the normal maps to achieve the same purpose =P

It suuuuuuuuuucks but the general consensus is that people don't like that.

They want their super strong lithe characters and hate strong characters showing any muscle just because they are strong.

Which is a shame because I loved that part of Fable.