My *fervent* hope is that skins will be very easily extractable and moddable (in addition to having plenty to choose from the start). I know that you've struggled to attract as full of a female audience, so let me tell you, it makes a big difference! Maybe some people think its silly, but I spend a *lot* of time in character creation mode - the look of my character really helps me set the tone for my story/adventure. I often rush to unlock the bedroom from the Homestead so that I can update my heroes looks again in-game.

Another skin comment is just that the faces from D:OS1 didn't work well on dark skintones. There also weren't really any fantasy skintones to choose from. Having the skins be more 'diversity-friendly' would be great (and progressive)!

I also agree with other posters about ease of 3d model replacements/additions for things like bodies, costumes/armor and hairstyles. It really helps with storytelling to have your super-buff warrior vs. a lithe assassin, or some tied up braids vs. long, flowing locks. Plus, you'll make everyone who wants bigger boobs in game happy. #smh

I helped work on this (non-official) mod tool for the Sims 4 - it might be a good reference for ease of use, 3d previewing, texture extraction, etc:

Thanks very much for listening - I can't wait to play!