To add to my previous post: I would like better programming capabilities. Thanks to that people can make a Diablo 2 game, a turn based total conversion, Starcraft Universe (a 3rd person RPG) etc. with the Starcraft 2 Editor.

What I also would love to see is the possibility for the modder to create his/her own GUI's, ideally with a small GUI builder that uses the same style as the main game, so the GUI's integrate well with the overall look of the game (ideally with the ability to use custom png/dds/whatever files to customize this in case someone makes a total conversion).

The possibility to change how characters gain AP during combat would also be nice - for example gaining AP only while dealing or receiving damage etc.

If we could expose functions from our mods to the GM mode that would also be great (the first post in the GM mode thread already mentioned this, but I really like the idea).

I guess I want a "larian rpg maker". think

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