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Another skin comment is just that the faces from D:OS1 didn't work well on dark skintones. There also weren't really any fantasy skintones to choose from. Having the skins be more 'diversity-friendly' would be great (and progressive)!

While I agree with this, I'd just like to point out that race is more than just black and white.

There are Asians (of various ethnicities), for example. There's even different kinds of black people. It would be insulting to have an African black actor portraying an Aboriginal Australian black person, for example, as they have distinctly different facial features.

I'd love for them to improve diversity in character creation, but I'd like to ask for caution. A lot of Americans expect that diversity should be portrayed from a very American perspective, without understanding that internationally, the topic is actually a lot more complex. You don't get diversity just from consuming American media.