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Ah, this argument. Close to my heart since I get a lot of complaints about one of my story-mods that people need to wander and are lost. And that they pretty much DEMAND of me I make the quest-log a walkthrough. Sad days for the RPG.

Making things intentionally vague or hoping people explore isn't appreciated anymore in this day and age. A quest isn't done along the way, it's done right from start to finish and then onto the next A-to-B follow a pointer. Even if a questgiver explictely states where to go, and people can re-ask them if they forget, that's apparently not enough, it all needs to be in the questlog. Named the NPC in the log? I'm asked to also include it's location, since just a name is not enough.
It makes me very sad.

I really like D:OS method myself, and I rarely had any troubles continuing, and if I did I went elsewhere and usually along the way found what I was looking for again and finish or move on the quest. Good times.

Maybe there could a scaling of this, and by making a smarter use of quest markers.