Larian has to train players to engage with a quest even through they have to do some leg work to work things out.

Suggestion 1:
Reward the player for figuring things out with a tag such as 'resourceful'. The player could instantly lose this tag if they don't try to figure things out and instead hire a guide to find a person of interest/location for them. This would prevent players simply finding the location by saving/loading (on hiring a guide) if they want to keep the tag they would have to waste a lot of time loading back to before they hired the guide making it untenable to do so all the time. (I know some players will simply look at wikis but bear with me ~ some players can't be saved from themselves)

Also a tag provides interesting role-playing opportunities that some players will surely need to progress in a quest. The more you figure things out yourself the more impactful the tag attached ie. 'detective' which could open up some quest lines.

Humorous Suggestion:
I think Larian should have a quest in this game just to toy with people who want to be guided to an objective.

A mischievous imp who can shape change into a different appearance could turn up occasionally offering to guide the player to their objective and lead them to an ambush. ;-)