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Ah, this argument. Close to my heart since I get a lot of complaints about one of my story-mods that people need to wander and are lost. And that they pretty much DEMAND of me I make the quest-log a walkthrough. Sad days for the RPG.

When I was young, boredom was a very different concept. Boredom meant having nothing to do.

Now, boredom means that there are better things I could be doing with my time. I could be washing the dishes, planning my finances, watching Netflix. I could read a book. I'd happily play Witcher 3 a fourth time. The kind of boredom I had when I was young now seems completely foreign. My time is a finite resource, and if Larian want my time then they have to earn it.

There are times in D:OS where it starts putting strain on this. When I return to the game after a break, I expect to be able to get into it again quickly. I don't expect to get all the answers, but I expect to know how to start making my next step towards the answer.

The path to the answer should not be boring. Exploration is all well and good, as long as it is entertaining. If your idea of "exploration" is talking to every NPC in the village until you talk to the right one , or searching the 60% of the map that's "north of the beach" and checking every cave until you find the right one... If you expect that to be entertaining, then you and I have very different expectations.