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Hm, strange. I gave a 1000 vitality boost (instead of -50) to CasualNPC and get about 1700 hp for the training legionnaires in Cyseal (previous 77), so that's quite okay. Anyway, it seems to work for you now.

What Sniper meant, regarding the excel files: they're just there to create .txt files (the engine won't read data from xlsm files), but they're very useful if you aren't familiar with all the different type of data you can edit.

Well, when I save excel file as txt, it shows a very weird format and its very different than the normal character.txt file.

I do not have Excel, but as far as I remember from a version I used years ago, .txt is Excel's CSV-format. So 'Save as .txt' is of course not what to do. (CSV = comma separated values, a text-only tabular data format.)
You have to use the macro buttons for creation.

Be really careful with attributes.
As Abraxas said before and in his other post, what is entered there is not what one gets, only on level 1.
As an example, I modified Bairdotrs Act Part to see what comes out on different level, her attributes in Character.txt are 4,6,4,6,5,5.

And here is what comes out for different Act Parts:
(I changed nothing but Act Part)

Lvl      B      1      3     10     15     20

STR      4      4      5      7      9     11
DEX      6      6      7     11     14     16
INT      4      4      5      7      9     11
CON      6      6      7     11     14     16
SPD      5      5      6      9     11     14
PER      5      5      6      9     11     14
HP            111    261   1200   2410   3850

B = value in Character.txt

So what you see in Character.txt is not what the NPC ends up with except on level 1.
As can be seen there is quite a difference between different inputs in the end. We don't know the formula which value is added to the base from Character.txt per level, nor do we know how the constitution to HP formula is. (I would guess that a multiplier of [Act Part + 1] is involved in both formulas and my simple HP tests above showed that this could be true, but that does not help.)

To get a 'controlled' output, do not change attributes, instead change only Vitality.

To get the ratio you want, simply change the Vitality entries accordingly, because Vitality is the multiplier for HP after it is calculated from CON and level.

Entering 'data "Vitality" "100"' in the meta entry 'HardcoreNPC' doubles HP for all mobs that do not have an explicit Vitality entry, because all those inherit their value from _Base.
The values are added before they make the multiplier, entering 100 in the meta entry only doubles HP of stat entries that do not overwrite the value from _Base with a value different from 100.

The tutorial skeletons for example have vita 60 in their entry, the regular meta entry of 20 brings them to 80 in Tactician, with a change of the meta entry to 100, they will end up with a multiplier of 160. To bring them somewhere around their current values, the entry in the individual stat could go down to as low as 10 and they'd still end up with more HP than they currently have. The Void Dragon on the other hand has vita 500, so a 100 in the meta entry does not nearly double his HP, but only add 20%. The Dragon would require a Vitality 900 in his individual entry in addition to the meta entry of 100 to double his HP.

Changes in the individual stats of course also mean changes to all difficulty modes, not only Tactician.