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After all, they use the editor to make the game and there has been nothing indicating that Larian has time travel capability to produce the game with the editor from the future ...
They released the classic editor around the time when classic was released, and classic must have been released under a lot of time pressure.

If they have such a big time span between game and editor release again as was the case with EE, other games - including the next one from Larian - will have diverted player interest and few modders only will be interested to work for an almost empty audience.

I'm all for releasing early, but they also need to write better/more documentation (this should idealy happen while developing the game, but often times there is no time for that if I look at software projects in general) etc. What I wanted to say was that the time window that Skyrim had was alright without killing the interest, and should Larian require the time to make the editor better, they should take it. I don't think anyone want's such a large gap between game and editor like the Enhanced Edition ;o)


Classic Original Sin had two major advantages when modding was concerned: the editor came out almost the same time when the game was released and it could grow up without the next child in the queue already. It also received some support from Larian.
When EE came out, the kickstarter campaign for D:OS2 was already over and the loud majority was already only talking about D:OS2 and nothing else since then. The delay with the editor did the rest to bury modding. It seems that the only mods that somehow took off were those made without the editor, long before it was released.

And yes, documentation. That is huge.
(It's not exactly easy to have to find out what every single Osiris call really does, especially when quite a lot of it is pretty unexpected or does not work under certain circumstances ;-)