These were a few things that were hard coded in D:OS and made it difficult to fully implement my ideas. I hope to see mod-able (and new) Damage types, Surface types, Surface type interactions, Talents, Abilities, and Attributes

Something new i would like to see is an ability like Push, when you can push characters or objects in a direction until they hit a wall, character, or object. Damaging and applying effects the struck object and/or themselves, potentially another pinball like effect can happen.
Specific examples are a Battering Ram that can Pin, push all away from character, a pull all in area to a point.
Ledges would then be a lot more dangerous and more fun to play with.

I have never tried to change the 'Examine Screen' but it would be cool if a modder can set up what the player sees when they 'examine' something (including pictures and dare I say video/gifs?).
This would include hiding or revealing certain items depending on the character (and their attribute/skills/etc) examining it.