Hi Larian Studios:

We are fans group from China and we are now doing Chinese language translation for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
Now we have complete 70% of the translation and tested in game.

We have some questions, please help to answer:

1. If we finish the translation and test 100% approved by Chinese players, could we add it to official supported language? Do you have interest to use our translations?

2. Could you please help to provide the order of each dialogue? The XML file we are using to translate has no order, we have to search the dialog in game, tag each dialogue by ourselves and test... This slow down our translation:
See the image
The column 3 is our tags, but normally the official document is no order (order by alphabet...)

Our work as for now:

This is where we need your support and help.

As the Divinity Original Sin 2's early access version has more dialogs than 1, we stuck in doing Chinese language translations for 2..

Looking forward for your comment. Thanks!

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