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Yes, I also think something will be added later in development. But I am worried the developers might not take it far enough. I want my companions not simply disagreeing. I want them to leave or even turn on me if they think I crossed the line.

For example, if my character kills anything she meets, slaughtering entire cities, it'd take a very special kind of personality to continue travelling with her. No sane person would want to help a murdering psychopath without a very serious reason. And escaping Fort Joy is not such a reason.

This reminds me of Baldur's Gate Reputation system, where every companion had a tolerance level for how good or bad your reputation was.

I admit I would like some subset of rules for companions for things they don't approve of, but I'm not sure how limiting this would be, considering that Baldur's Gate games had lots of companion characters so losing a few didn't matter AS much.